RMCH: Action Groups

RMCH Action Groups

The intervention also built the capacity of the CCs in the two pilot districts to form RMCH Action Groups (RAGs) to lead the implementation of the community scorecard process with the service users, service providers and other multistakeholders. They received training from Black Sash on relevant content to ensure they could engage in an accountability process to strengthen demand for MNCH.

The training focused on:

  • the roles and responsibilities of CCs, the health system in South Africa,
  • MNCH service entitlements and challenges undermining the health of women and their babies, and
  • how to implement a community scorecard process to address these challenges at community level.

Following extensive planning and preparation the Black Sash worked with the RMCH Action Groups to conduct the Community Scorecard process in the implementation districts, and through the multi-stakeholder meetings, discussed and identified key challenges, as well as jointly developed solution-focused action plans.