Black Sash Submission - Social Assistance Appeals - February 2011

The Black Sash Trust welcomes the opportunity to comment on the ‘Draft Regulations for the lodging and consideration of applications for reconsideration of Social Assistance applications by the Agency and Social Assistance Appeals by the Independent Tribunal (ITSAA) and other matters.’

We submit our comments in accordance with sections 70(1) and 72(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996.  

This Submission deals primarily with: 

  • Proposals for Procedures for SASSA to conduct an internal review (reconsideration of an application)
  • Proposals for Procedures for ITSAA to hear an appeal   

In this submission, we raise fundamental concerns about the proposed Regulations, which, we believe, if not addressed adequately, would have a severe and negative impact on the quality of life (and right to social assistance) of thousands of people in need of social assistance in South Africa.   We address our concerns under the Chapter headings of the Draft Regulations.

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