CMAP Stories from the Field: Limpopo


Zac Thobejane from Mafefe Advice Office in Limpopo

Beneficiaries were receiving notices that the grant is available, but the actual money was not there.We approached a SASSA official at that pay point and we were told that they will still have to consult with their seniors to check what the problem was. We wrote a list of all the beneficiaries affected and took it to SASSA district Office.The matter was quickly resolved and they received their monies.


The client approached us during a monitoring visit after not having received her disability
pension payout for two months. This happened at the Thohoyandou pay point of SASSA.We acted as an organization (Black Sash) by intervening through letter writing to SASSA
Vhembe district office a day after the matter was reported. The client alleges that she didn’t
receive any notification that the grant is due to be suspended.What we needed to know better was the law which protects beneficiaries. The Batho Pele principles document was consulted in our office.The officials indicated that they wrote a letter notifying the beneficiaries of the suspension.

The officials responded positively by assisting the beneficiary to complete the necessary
forms to restore the grantThe majority of beneficiaries in the whole Vhembe district have similar problemsOur approached worked well since the beneficiary is receiving the grant now.The first advice is to have a good relationship with SASSA which will avoid lots of disappointments for beneficiaries, but the most important thing is to get informed about services rendered by SASSA and partner with other CSOs. The next visit would require a car to be hired, media to be drawn in and pamphlets to be printed.