CMAP-Public Service Monitoring: Government Service Delivery

The Black Sash, in partnership with the Social Change Assistance Trust (SCAT), launched the national Community Monitoring and Advocacy Project (C-MAP) in a bid to improve government service delivery to poor and marginalised communities and individuals. Over a period of 18 months, hundreds of community monitors – nominated by over 270 organisationsfrom across South Africa – will maintain a regular and disciplined presence at service delivery points in all nine provinces and record their observations.

The objectives of our Public Service Monitoring are to assess and report on the quality of service delivery in specified government departments and municipalities across South Africa as experienced by beneficiaries AND to develop a system for civil society organisations and community members to hold government accountable for the principles of Batho Pele as well as specific norms and standards that govern the quality of services delivered.

Working closely with our partners, the Black Sash ensures the widespread, visible, standardised and regular monitoring of service delivery points by Community Monitors that are selected by CSO networks; co-ordinates the development of monitoring instruments and data bases; collates and analyses the monitoring information; produces and distributes regular reports to our partners and the public; and presents reports to the appropriate government officials in order to affirm good practice and make improvements.

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