Voters can't eat vows - TIMES, THE (First Edition) 09 May 2011

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Political parties have focused on many things in their campaigns for votes, but are very silent on food security, writes Nkosikhulule Nyembezi.

THE alarming lack of household food security in our country appears to have become a victim of political neglect ahead of the May 18 local government elections. The reason for this is hard to find as unemployment and food insecurity have, since the onset of the global economic recession, displaced housing, crime and even health as the issues surveys show to be uppermost in voters' minds. Their focus on jobs and food are understandable considering last year's Statistics SA General Household Survey which showed that nearly half of South Africans are living on less than R524 a month and spend the bulk of this meagre income on food. This year's survey, released on May 5, reflects a similar crisis. So, as we try to make sense of messages on party posters, we need to question why the major political parties are paying so little attention to these critical issues. Read the full article in the Times