Gordhan's challenge to fill in Zuma's gaps - DAILY DISPATCH 23 Feb 2011

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BALL IN GORDHAN'S COURT: President Jacob Zuma failed to provide the details on a promise for five million jobs in his State of the Nation address. All eyes will now be on Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan when he delivers the Budget today. Picture: File the poor be cushioned and measures be taken to protect lowerincome households. After all, as taxpayers we are responsible for servicing the World Bank loan the terms and conditions of which we know little about, except being told unconvincingly that our government acted for the common good by committing the country to such a contractual obligation last year. Indeed, when the focus of the country is on getting the economy back to life again, the stability and dignity of the work force _ IF TODAY'S Budget speech is meant to serve as a launch pad for the five million jobs promised by our government, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan must provide more details than President Jacob Zuma offered the nation in his State of the Nation address.

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