Five million jobs needed - CAPE TIMES 10 Feb 2011

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TONIGHT, instead of being in the National Assembly gallery with the rest of the invited guests, I will be watching on television with the rest of the country as President Jacob Zuma delivers his State of the Nation address.
Instead of knowing what is coming as in 2009 when the ANC was fresh from elections and its election manifesto promises were translated into Zuma's inaugural address, I can write about what I hope the president will say.
My hope is that the centrepiece of the speech will be a concrete, detailed and inspiring explanation of a comprehensive plan to eradicate poverty, income inequality, and the creation of decent jobs that our country yearns for.
I am not talking about two paragraphs lamenting the problem and vowing to fix it. I am looking for credible details of concrete proposals that the government is demonstrating commitment to lead social partners on a path to economic recovery that will be underpinned by redistribution of income, assets and the creation of decent jobs.

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