As the rich get richer, the poor become destitute - MERCURY 21 Dec 2010

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Judging by development indicators, a radical shift in the government's approach to economic growth is required, writes Nkosikhulule Nyembezi.
THE CLOSER you look at the impact of the economic crisis in the country and its negative effect on employment levels, poverty reduction, and the size of public fmances - the more harrowing it becomes.
Symptoms of serious trouble are staring us in the face, as the government also makes a rare official admission in the fifth annual scorecard of development indicators for South Africa compiled by the National Planning Commission, which was released on December 14.
The development indicators are the product of a variety of official statistics, government data and research by various institutions that are clustered into about 10 themes, including economic growth and transformation, employment, poverty and inequality, among others.
The scorecard shows that the severity of poverty in the country since 2005 "has not been dented."

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