Ailing infrastructure threat to water quality in the country - DAILY DISPATCH 14 Dec 2010

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INSIGHT By Nkosikhulule Nyembezi
THE launch of this year's campaign by the Daily Dispatch to monitor water quality at East London beaches highlights once more the urgent challenge to us all to identify and implement a long-term strategy to rebuild the nation's ailing infrastructure which is rapidly compromising the quality of water. Interestingly, these efforts could all be pulled together from household to national government level under the umbrella of job creation, short-term and long-term.
We all know public water works in South African cities and towns are a marvel, but they didn't just happen.
They are the result of significant investments by our parents and grandparents in state-of-the-art technology many, many years ago. We have been coasting on those investments for a long time while adding more stress to them in the form of the expanding industries and human settlements. There is no way to put off the need to repair, replace and upgrade many of these systems.

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