"Same old, same old…"

By Karen Peters, Advocacy Programme Manager, The Black Sash

Last year Finance Minister Trevor Manual coined the phrase “Every human life has equal worth” and this year the catchphrase has been “We are all in this together”. While we may all be in it together in terms of creating wealth, we don’t all get something out of the budget.

It’s "business as usual" for the unemployed

By Karen Peters and Elroy Paulus, Advocacy Officers at the Black Sash

The signature catchphrase of President Mbeki’s State of the Nation address for the year ahead is “Business Unusual” – is this an indication that Finance Minister Trevor Manuel could announce that our government plans to release major funds to fight poverty in South Africa? 

Justice delayed over access denied - Case No 5251/2005

By Divya Naidoo, Regional Director, Black Sash Pietermaritzburg

It has been nearly three years since ACESS, the Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security, filed its case in the Transvaal High Court against the Minister of Social Development. The Alliance, of which the Black Sash is a member, argued that many South African children were unable to access their constitutional right to social security...simply because they couldn’t access the necessary identity documents. With the case due back in court in March (2008), Divya Naidoo examines the arguments put forward by both sides thus far.

Proposed policy will only make a sick system worse - Business Day, 15 Feb 08

By Ratula Beukman, Black Sash Advocacy Programme Manager

Recent attempts by the health minister to dissuade private hospitals from hiking their tariffs from 8% to 33% are akin to putting a plaster on the wounds left by major surgery. The reality remains that the majority of South Africans still do not have acess to adequate, affordable and efficient healthcare.

Read this opinion piece in the Business Day

To Polokwane and beyond - The Implications of the ANC National Conference, 16-20 December 2007

by Elroy Paulus, Black Sash Regional Office Programme Manager

The political dynamics surrounding the ANC National Policy Conference in December will impact on South Africa’s development path well into the future. “To Polokwane and beyond!” seeks to understand what is at stake and how policy decisions around realising socio-economic rights are hanging in the balance in South Africa.