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Sash responds to State of the Nation address - Black Sash Media, 9 February 2012

Black Sash Media Statement – Sash responds to State of the Nation address

For immediate release: Thursday, 9th February 2012

The President certainly dazzled us tonight with an impressive list of proposed infrastructure development projects but we are still not exactly sure what has happened to the billions that he pledged towards job creation last year and to the many targets that have been set.

The President’s fledgling plans once again offer hope but no guarantees that the communities targeted will reap lasting benefits.  The Fifa World Cup has taught us to be wary of the promise of sustainable jobs through infrastructure investment. How will these plans be different? 

We are disappointed that there was so little mention tonight of the plans to fulfil our Constitutional obligations to social security, food and health care for all. We heard nothing about the Extended Public Works Programmes. The President has correctly identified our triple challenge as poverty, inequality and unemployment but we will need more than infrastructure project plans to tackle these.