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Speak to us about becoming a monthly debit order donor or about leaving a legacy (bequest) to The Black Sash.

Your contribution, big or small, ensures that we are able to invest in a legacy fund to support the ongoing needs of our beneficiaries and the communities we serve.

We are hoping to raise R160 000 for 2016 through recruiting 160 Friends of the Sash who will each commit to donate R1000 for the year.

That is as little as R100 a month!

You too can join a growing group of individuals who care about making Human Rights Real!

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Northern Cape Health Consultations, 11-13 April 2011

The Black Sash, in partnership with HEU and Health-e, held its 8th consultative workshops in the Northern Cape between 11 and 13 April 2011.

Participants were chosen for their geographic and sectoral representation. They were selected by community based organisations (such as paralegal advice offices); health affiliated organisations and NGO’s.