Black Sash participates in KZN SAHRC Business and Human Rights Roundtable

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SAHRC KZN EN 290914The Black Sash was invited by the KZN South African Human Rights Commission as one of three panellists to participate in the Dialogue around Business and Human Rights and to speak to a Civil Society Perspective: The Role of Business on the Poor and Marginalized.

The KZN RM, Evashnee Naidu, focussed her discussion around the Black Sash Hands off our Grants Campaign and how Business had victimised the poor by making use of confidential information in order to process unauthorised deductions from Social Grant Beneficiaries' bank accounts.

While some participants at the Roundtable Dialogue were aware of this issue as their offices had been inundated with these issues (for example the SAHRC and Department of Economic Development), most people were amazed at this phenomenon and horrified at the impact that was having on the livelihoods of the grant beneficiaries.

Various suggestions from the floor was that Black Sash proceed with a Class Action Suit from beneficiaries against Net 1 to hold them accountable and to set a precedent against other kinds of fraudulent activities that prey on the poor, that we should consider referring this issue to the Organized Crime Unit for Investigation, that we liaise with ICASA around the use of beneficiaries cell phones as a means of targeting them and that we continue working together with the Public Protector and NCR to lodge complaints, as all felt that a multi-sectoral approach was required.