Workshops on unlawful grant deductions for the Aged in KZN

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TAFTA KZN collage 2016 - CopyEducational workshops with TAFTA residents and community members are being held during Human Rights Month (April 2016), Freedom Month and going into May to raise awareness about the unlawful deductions that are affecting state grant beneficiaries, and the further abuse of the elderly by luring them into applying for Easy Pay Green Cards without full disclosure about the impact that these cards have on their income. This is a partnership between The Association For the Aged (TAFTA) and the Black Sash KZN Regional Office.

Beneficiaries have shared their shock and outrage at the ongoing deductions coming off their grants. Residents of TAFTA, where TAFTA operates as a Procurator for these beneficiaries have approached the Black Sash to share the cases of elderly recipients experiencing deductions for pre-paid airtime and pre-paid electricity. TAFTA residents are not on pre-paid electricity and have their allocation for electricity included in their monthly rental agreement with TAFTA, which makes this deduction automatically unlawful.

The elderly are also being targeted to apply for Easy Pay Green Cards which has the impact of blocking their SASSA card and transferring their grant into the Easy Pay Green Card which operates as a bank card inclusive of transaction fees, which are not explained to beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are being told that they need to apply for these cards in order to continue to receive their grant as their SASSA card will no longer be valid. Out of fear of not receiving their monies, beneficiaries have been signing up for this card and are complaining about the lack of information given to them about this card and want to cancel this card and revert to their SASSA Cards.

We are urging grant beneficiaries to be vigilant and to report any person who tries to get access to their SASSA card and/or pin number and informs them that their Grant will be cancelled without proper notification from SASSA.

They can call the SASSA customer care number on 0800 601 011 to verify these allegations or the Black Sash Helpline on 072 66 33 739 for further information.