Stories from the Field

MAVC resumes in KZN and Mpumalanga

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2 kzn mavc cycle 2 - CopyKZN Regional Office MAVC Partners commenced Cycle Two community-based monitoring at service sites across Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga during the first week of July. We hope to fulfil our target of 300 questionnaires for beneficiaries, and 20 for frontline staff by 31 July.

MAVC Cycle TWO allows partners, beneficiaries, facility staff and other stakeholders to measure progress since the completion of Cycle One in March of this year and monitor whether issues agreed to with the development of a Joint Improvement Plan have been finalised or not.

This will also allow us to confirm whether or not issues picked up in Cycle One have been attended to and improved by the various sites.

Making All Voices Count- Community Dialogue in Utrecht

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Utrecht Conducts Community Dialogue


The amazing Team at SAVF  (Utrecht) participated in the second last set of Dialogues for the KZN Regional Office Team in March 2015. We were impressed by the level of community participation exhibited by the Utrecht community. The community joined together and actively participated in making arrangements in order to set up the Community Dialogue.

With an overwhelming turn-out of community members, it was gratifying to have the SASSA LO Manager present to be able to answer direct questions from the community firsthand. This presence also allowed for an opportunity to hold a number of Rights Education sessions so that beneficiaries could have all the correct information upfront. This dialogue also enabled the opportunity for the manager to volunteer himself, allowing him to be part of the Joint Monitoring Committee formed by participants and SAVF to monitor the Action Plan.

This Plan was developed at this meeting as an Outcome based upon the Monitoring findings and issues which still present a challenge to beneficiaries and SASSA.

Qedusizi HBC in Mpumalanga makes all voices count

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A facility Dialogue was held at KwaFene community hall in Mpumalanga in March. SASSA Manager and two staff members, COGTA representatives, ward committee members, Black Sash and Qedusizi HBC members were present. A Dialogue with the community also took place held at B1 Tweefontein community in Mpumalanga. Many members of the community attended and actively participated in the discussions. A SASSA representative helped to unpack some of the questions and issues people had with undefinedthem.undefined

Making all Voices Count - Community Dialogue in Lavender Hill

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"Women Hope for the Nation" conduct dialogue in Lavender Hill

MAVC Dialogues- Lavender HillIn March, 2015, Women Hope for the Nation invited stakeholders from Lavender Hill and Local Government officials, represented by the City of Cape Town and two Councillors, to a Making all Voices Count (MAVC) Community Dialogue.

They presented the report on the MAVC monitoring they did in Lavender Hill in November 2014. The survey conducted was to evaluate the community’s experience and feelings of Local Government. A way forward was planned and agreed upon.

Making all voices count with Tshwane North Outreach

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Another successful citizen monitoring Dialogue  was organised by Black Sash partner, Tshwane North Outreach (TNO) in Gauteng province on the 18 March 2015.It was attended by 80 community members including these stakeholders: the  Clinic Committee Emergency Service unit (that assisted the clinic), the Ward Councillor, and Community Development Workers.

The first photo shows the presentation of the report done by Nelson Mahlangu who is one of the TNO monitors, and the second photo shows the community in a commission prioritising issues on the report which lead to the draft of the Action Plan to deal with identified problems.

The event was a first learning phase for our partners and the positive response from the facility was welcomed by all parties who graced the event. Hopefully this step will come with positive results for the entire community.

TAC and Love Life members assisted our partners in collecting monitoring statistics.