Local Government: Indigent Support in the City of Johannesburg Metro


In order to qualify for benefits, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be resident within CoJ;
  • Have a SA identity document;
  • Earn less than R3 360 per month;
  • Own a residential property, or be a tenant or a lodger; 
  • The property value must be less than R1,5 million on the CoJ’s valuation roll to qualify for rebates on property rates, sewage and refuse charges

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Your Rights


municipality’s Indigent Policy tells you what support it will give to poor households.

Every municipality decides on its own policy and who they will help. But most provide some form of subsidy for basic municipal services such as water, electricity, sanitation and refuse removal as well as property rates.

City of Johannesburg (‘CoJ’) has an indigent policy which it calls Siyasizana/ Expanded Social Package which is a basket of benefits allocated to its citizens based on their levels of poverty.

Individual members of the household are encouraged to apply at the offices of CoJ metro. There are dedicated customer service centres in Jabulani, Meadowlands 47, Rabie Ridge, Lenasia, Thuso House, Sankopano, Modderfontein, Orange Farm Rent Office, Ivory Park, and Eldorado Park.

You must take the following documents:

  • latest municipal account;
  • SA Identity Document.
  • You will need to:
  • sign a declaration allowing the CoJ to share your information with other government departments;
  • provide fingerprints.

The benefits you get will depend on the total poverty score of your household. There are three bands – with band three being for the poorest people. Depending on which band you fall into, you will receive subsidies on water, electricity, rates, sanitation, refuse removal, rental subsidy

Extra support is offered to vulnerable groups like child headed households, HIV families, single parent households, pensioners, disabled people etc.

Your benefits are only given for six months so you need to reapply and reregister for Siyasizana every six months. If your application is turned down, the
policy doesn’t let you appeal the decision. You have to follow the normal legal procedures of applying to court for a review.

Please note:

  • Individuals may receive transport subsidies and assistance if they are placed in employment; 
  • Homeless people or residents of informal settlements will only receive subsidies on rental and transportation plus assistance on employment placement;
  • Applicants found guilty of fraud will be disqualified and prosecuted;
  • CoJ may install restrictive devices on some services;
  • These benefits are subject to the availability of funds