What we do

The Black Sash Trust is a 66 year old veteran human rights organisation advocating for social justice in South Africa.

Our mission is to work towards the realisation of socio-economic rights, as outlined in the SA Constitution, with emphasis on social security and social protection for the most vulnerable, to reduce poverty and inequality. We believe the implementation of socio-economic rights demands open, transparent, and accountable governance (state, corporate, and civil society).  Read more...


"To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity. To impose on them a wretched life of hunger and deprivation is to dehumanise them." -- Nelson Mandela



The South African Government has a constitutional and an international obligation to provide social security, including to ensure that those aged 18 to 59 years have access to social assistance. Income support for those aged 18 to 59 with no or little income is a critical step towards government’s implementation of a universal basic income grant to ensure that all who live in South Africa have an adequate standard of living.

We demand that government:

  • Implements permanent social assistance for those aged 18 to 59, valued at the upper-bound poverty line, currently R1,268 per month. Caregivers, who receive the Child Support Grant must also qualify for this grant;
  • Make the COVID-19 grant increases of R250 per month permanent for all social grants;
  • Ensures that the above provisions apply to refugees, permanent residents, asylum seekers and migrant workers with special permits; and
  • Works towards a universal basic income.