Community Monitoring: Making All Voices Count

MAVC is a global organisation that funds, promotes and supports innovation and accountable governance. 


Building on our successful Community Monitoring and Advocacy Project (CMAP) and our Reproductive Maternal and Child-Health project, we launched the Making All Voices Count Citizen Based Monitoring (MAVC CBM) pilot project.

MAVC is a global organisation that funds, promotes and supports innovation and accountable governance. MAVC uses creative and cutting-edge solutions – including mobile and web technology – to amplify the voices of citizens and support governments to listen and respond:

Critical to the model was the establishment of partnerships between local community-based organisations and government to improve service delivery and hold public and private sectors to account.


For the first time the Black Sash used technology, working in partnership with Code4SA (now known as Open Up), to develop a web-based platform to gather, analyse and store data for access by CBOs, government and academia:

The technology enabled us to reduce turn around time of producing monitoring reports from one year to just two months. 



  • To empower Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to take ownership of and participate actively and effectively in Citizen Based Monitoring (CBM) of selected government services in 20 facility sites across South Africa.
  • Government departments and facilities managers engage willingly, openly and responsively to feedback from citizens and CBOs, leading to improved public perceptions, engagement, relationship and service quality.
  • Integrate Information & Communication Technology into CBM & making the information available to everyone so that we can build collaboratively a platform for CBM information, knowledge and practice.

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