Black Sash Submissions

Submission on the Social Assistance Amendment Bill

  • Our submission is informed by the Black Sash’s understanding of leadership and governance, particularly within SASSA, which has had an adverse impact on the administration and payment of grants. Beneficiaries are exposed to reduced access to payment channels, deductions, fraud, additional costs and indebtedness and the right to the protection of personal information is compromised.
  • The right to Social particularly social assistance, is set out in section 27 of the Constitution. Social assistance is a lifeline, government provides to a poor and vulnerable. Currently almost 18 million people or a third of the South African population receive social grants.

  • The current value of the social grant is insufficient to sustain basic living needs. For example, the current Child Support Grant of R430, falls below the food poverty or extreme poverty line1. Yet, in 2015, 61,3% of poor households were supported by child support grants2. Whilst we acknowledge the extension of the Child Support Grant policy, albeit very narrowly; there is a need for the grant to be increased as a matter of urgency. Government must provide increased funding for social assistance going forward.

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