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Media release: Appointment of new SASSA social grant service provider

SASSA has until tomorrow to comply with the Constitutional Court order to appoint a new social grant service provider. It follows a ruling made by our highest court 18 months ago declaring the contract with Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) invalid.

The SASSA tender process was found to be flawed, and over the past three years CPS has been allowed to facilitate unlawful and fraudulent deductions from the bank accounts created by SASSA for beneficiaries. SASSA has a constitutional mandate to ensure the effective delivery of social assistance to our most vulnerable citizens including the distribution of social grants to over 16 million people, currently via 10 million bank accounts.

We call on SASSA to ensure that grant beneficiaries receive the full cash value of their grant, free of any deductions.

We will hold silent protests at key venues in Cape Town, Soweto and Pretoria and will hand over a memorandum of our key demands to Department of Social Development and SASSA.

The Hands Off Our Grants campaign calls for:

  • SASSA to take full responsibility for the administration and payment of grants as soon as possible. Protect our constitutional rights to social security! Protect grant beneficiaries from these immoral and predatory practices!
  • DSD and SASSA to stop Cash Paymaster Services (fulfilling the function of an organ of state) from facilitating these unlawful, fraudulent and immoral deductions. Beneficiaries must receive the full cash value of the grant.
  • DSD and SASSA to stop Cash Paymaster Services and Net1 subsidiaries, Net1 Mobile Solutions and Moneyline from exploiting the confidential data of SASSA beneficiaries!
  • a SASSA-owned and controlled recourse system that grant beneficiaries can readily access to be put in place urgently and rolled out nationally. Pay back the money backdated to 2012!
  • The recently established Inspectorate to be empowered to act swiftly to protect the interests of grant beneficiaries and to educate the public of its functions.

These unlawful, fraudulent and immoral deductions from Beneficiaries’ SASSA branded bank accounts  - must stop!Minister Dlamini we urge you to hold SASSA to account and take strong action against these predators companies and practices! Protect the constitutional rights of the most vulnerable of our country!

A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members. Mahatma Ghandi

This campaign is supported by amongst others: the Black Sash, SASSA beneficiaries, The Association of Community-based Offices of South Africa (ACAOSA), Right2Know Campaign, Section 27, Equal Education Law Centre, TCOE, Dullah Omar Institute (UWC), Social Justice Coalition, Cape Metro Health, Tshwane North Outreach (TNO), Justice and Peace Arch Diocese – Jhb and Pta, Tshedza Community Development Centre Children in Distress Network (CINDI), ACESS, UWC Community Law Centre, Students for Law and Social Justice, Diakonia Council of Churches, UDM, Rural Health Advocacy Project (RHAP), Khanya College, Lebaleng Advice and Development Centre, Interchurch Local Development Agency, U2U Foundation, People’s Health Movement South Africa.

Contact People

Black Sash: Colleen Ryan 0826633364, Lynette Maart 0836283425,

Social Justice Coalition: Thandeka Kathi 0734272083

Right2Know: Ghalib Galant 0849591912 and Khaya Xintolo 0780241683


Note the silent protests will be held on:

  • Thursday 15 October: St. George’s Cathedral, Cape Town between 12h00 – 13h00
  • Thursday 15 October 2015: SASSA Soweto Service Centre, Maponya Mall, Klipspruit, Soweto from 11h00
  • Friday 16 October 2015: SASSA House (National office), Cnr. Steve Biko and Pretoria street, Arcadia, Pretoria from 11h00