Anne Schuster (b.1947 d. 2017)

It is with great sadness that we record the death of Anne Schuster on 12 June 2017.  Anne was a long-time member of the Black Sash and also a member of staff for some time.  She is remembered as a lovely woman, full of grace.

When the Sash transformed from a membership based organization to a fully professional NGO after the end of apartheid, Anne  joined Thisbe Clegg and Hillary Morris as part of the management team in the new national office.

Anne’s role was that of Human Resources Manager. She developed human resource policies and salary structures where there were none.  The groundwork for the policies  which exist today was laid thanks to Anne’s hard work and dedication.

Thisbe and Hillary describe Anne as a gentle and approachable person. She ran her department with patience, diligence and a much needed sense of humour.  She provided tremendous support to the management team and was sorely missed when she left Sash to pursue her own dreams.

These dreams were to focus on her own creative writing and to develop and run writing workshops.  This she achieved with great success assisting many in achieving their own dreams.

Her colleagues say “We feel fortunate to have known and worked with Anne and to have taken part in her workshops.  She was a loving friend. Hamba kahle dear Anne you are sorely missed by all who knew you”.

Anne did indeed go on to write and publish her novel “Foolish Delusions” (2005) and a body of poetry, as well as and developing and conducting a series of writing workshops over many years.  She had a remarkable talent for drawing out the skills and talents of many writers and for training others to do the same, which will ensure that her work lives on.