Julia Seegar (d. 2017)

It was with great sadness that the Grahamstown former Sashers learned of the death of Julia Seegar of cancer in Manchester England.  Julia was an active Sash member in a time when the Eastern Cape was beset with detentions and multiple problems stemming from Apartheid.

She was an able leader and had a very fine mind. Grahamstown was fortunate in that the Sash had as members, several Academics from Rhodes University who brought new and challenging ideas.

Julia, who taught in the Anthropology Department, was one such Academic and she introduced new thinking on Women's issues to the Grahamstown Sash members. She was the prime mover in a piece of research conducted about women who were left behind while so many men were being detained. Apart from presenting a paper on this at a woman's conference Sashers were able to incorporate some of the findings in their work with detainees and their families.

We remember her as diminutive in stature, courageous and articulate and we all mourn her passing at a relatively young age. We send love and strength to her family.