Deena Streek (1921 - 2012)

Deena Streek (mother of the late Barry Streek) died on 5 June 2012, just four days short of her 91st birthday.  Deena was the President of Black Sash and the SAIRR in East London. She was a busy Secretary of the Mayor's School Feeding Fund and active in the Progressive Party.

She and her son Barry exposed a Nationalist dumping ground near Queenstown. She continued her good work in Canada and the Napanee Hospital flew its flag at half mast in recognition of her many years of dedicated service and leadership.

The trustes and staff of the Black Sash mourn the death of Deena and pay tribute to her for her outstanding work in the Eastern Cape to expose the evils of apartheid.  We convey our heartfelt sympathy to Frank Streek, Deena's beloved husband and his family.

Frank Streek writes from Canada:

Another indication of the extent of Deena’s unsung help to others of all kinds came when I received the attached humble tribute. I was working in my garden when I was interrupted by a woman I used to nod to as I did to many who walked past and made favourable comments on the flowers. She was poorly dressed and handed me the note with the comment that she knew Deena and was sorry she had passed. I was puzzled and started to read what she had written then thanked her. Later I read all of it and was saddened by the writing and the carefully constructed tribute. It is headed,

Deena Streek, by neighbour Sandra Lasher, 177 John St

D is for doing things for others
E is for everyone who knew you and cared about you 
E is for each tear shed by Frank and family 
N is for a neat and noteworthy woman 
A is for all the goodness in your life

S is for your sweet and smiling face 
T is for thankful for life’s little blessings 
R (missing) 
E is for everybody who’ll miss you 
E is for each person you helped along the way 
K is for a knowledgeable woman we all liked

Put these letters all together and they spell Deena Streek a warm and wonderful woman.