Joan Kilner (d. 2009)

Joan Kilner died on 24 June 2009 after a long illness. She leaves her husband, Prof Tony Kilner and her two sons, Richard and Simon.

Joan started working in the Black Sash Advice Office when it was based in Athlone.  Her husband Tony remembers her involvement "as a routine worker" from "when the office was next to the garage in Athlone" and when the office moved to Mowbray. Joan spent about 3 decades diligently giving of her services voluntarily. At the same time she was a voluntary counsellor at LifeLine where she received an Award for outstanding service.

Mrs Lettie Malindi, who worked with Joan, describes her as being "brilliant, wonderful, and a person who showed great care for people and the community. Personally she helped me enormously while I was in detention by collecting my children's clothes, washing them and returning them to my mother who lived in Athlone at the time".

Val West, who was the Co-ordinator of the Advice in Mowbray in the early days describes her as being a "wonderful character who is remembered with much affection."
Sally Cristini: "She was one of my absolute favourite people with a naughtly and incisive sense of humour."
Di Oliver" "She had a warm, outgoing personality which drew people to her and I feel very privileged to have been one her fellow workers in the Advice Office when it was in Mowbray."