Black Sash message of condolence to the families of Rosalie Bloch and Aubrey Jackson

With profound distress and sorrow, the Black Sash extends its condolences to the families and friends of Rosalie Bloch and Aubrey Jackson.

Rosalie Bloch was a much respected member of a number of organisations which came together in the 1980s to work towards ending apartheid and injustice.


Her home in Rosebank was a centre where people gathered, a safe haven for those who needed it and a welcoming meeting place.

Her sound judgement and her willingness to work tirelessly in campaigns to mobilise  people and organise events were a valued contribution to the work. Her dedication to the goal of bringing women together to work for justice helped to drive that process forward.

She was one of those who never gave up the hope and the work for a more just and equitable society. Just a few weeks ago she was at a Black Sash ‘Kuluma’ (conversation) to discuss the status of the country’s social grants.

We will remember her with respect, and mourn these cruel and tragic deaths.